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Erika Kelly's MORE THAN A FEELING: Blog Tour & Review

From the award-winning author of TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT comes the final full-length standalone contemporary romance in Erika Kelly’s red-hot Rock Star Romance series, MORE THAN A FEELING. A steamy and emotional story about a loner rocker finding his perfect duet, MORE THAN A FEELING finds the perfect pitch and will leave you with more than a song in your heart! Order your copy of MORE THAN A FEELING today!


From the award-winning author of TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT comes the final story in her red-hot Rock Star Romance series, about a loner rocker finding his perfect duet.
When Cooper Hood left Snowberry, Montana ten years ago, he swore he’d never go back to the town that painted him with the same brush as his addict mother. But right in the middle of his band’s national tour he gets a call to come home: his mom’s got a whopper of a secret to reveal.

Daisy Charbonneau’s in trouble. The talent she hired for her resort’s annual Huckleberry Festival just bailed on her, and she’s desperate to find a replacement act. Luck turns her way when she discovers her high school crush is back in town—and he happens to be a rock star.

As they work together, a crush deepens into so much more, but who falls in love in two weeks?

Especially when Cooper’s never coming back to town, and Daisy’s never going to leave it.





As they stood so close in the shadows of the covered porch, the connection between them

alive and vibrant, Cooper realized his desire for her had changed. His attraction wasn’t that of a

kid with a painful, unrelenting crush. He was a man who wanted things from her he didn’t have

time to explore. “I should go. Thank you for everything. Today…tonight…” He shrugged.

“I’m glad I could be there for you.”

He should go, but the potent energy between them kept his boots rooted. “Are you dating

anybody?” He had no business asking, and yet he waited for her answer with as much

anticipation as finding out his paternity.

“No. I mean, it’s Snowberry. The dating pool’s not that big. And if you break up, you’re

stuck in each other’s faces the rest of your lives. I had two boyfriends in college, and I dated a

little when I took my first job in Blue Sky, but going out with tourists grew old quickly. What

was the point?” She looked away. “I think I’m just at an age where I’m not going to waste my

time hanging out with someone who doesn’t excite me.” And then she let out a shaky breath. “If

it doesn’t feel like this” –she wagged a finger between them—“then why bother?”

A fireball of heat rocketed through him. His heart thundered. He stepped closer and

cupped her elbows. “What exactly does this feel like?” He shouldn’t have asked. Because as

surprising as it was to learn about her interest in him as a kid, it didn’t have the same impact as

feeling her body heat up, watching her lips part, and her lids lower.

“It feels…” Her tone held a hint of whimsy. “Inevitable.”

When her fingertips touched his chest, electricity raced across his skin. His rational mind

blurred, as he leaned into her, his mouth drawn inexorably to hers. Her raspberry-pink lips, close

enough to kiss, elicited a fierce pang of desire that struck so deep and wide his heart ached.

“Cooper.” She reached up and cupped the back of his neck, and with a tug she bridged

the distance, joining their mouths. Just the barest contact sent a shiver of the sweetest, most

perfect burn down his spine.

He’d never wanted any woman the way he wanted Daisy Charbonneau. And when her

fingers gripped the hair at the back of his neck he had to have her.

The moment he closed his mouth over hers, she leaned into him, holding him in place as

though she feared he’d stop.

But he couldn’t. And when he licked into her mouth, their tongues touching, lust punched

him. He went completely, painfully hard.

Daisy. This is Daisy. Her scent enveloped him, and her hair feathered over his arms, his

hands. Like everything else she did, she threw her whole self into the kiss, and when she shifted

closer, pressing her curvaceous body against his, he thought he’d go up in flames. His palms

spread wide on her back, needing to touch every inch of her at once. With firm pressure, he slid

them down—slowly, so he could feel the rise of her ass. When he had her cheeks in his hands, he

couldn’t resist giving them a lusty squeeze. She moaned. Jesus, Daisy moaned, her body melting

into his.

A bark of laughter from the path ripped them apart. He took a step back. The cool of the

evening air snapped reason back into him. “Sorry.”

Her fingertips touched her mouth, and she looked disoriented.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll let you go.” He turned and jumped off the two stairs of her porch. But with

each step he took away from her, the more frantic he became. Because this was it. He’d leave in

the morning, and he wouldn’t see her again. He stopped at the end of the walkway and found her

stepping into the warm yellow light of her house. “Daisy.”

She leaned against the frame, her hand resting on it like it had on his chest.

Haloed in the warm light she looked soft and round and so damn beautiful. He would

never forget the way she’d moaned in his arms. “Goodnight.”

She nodded, pushed off the frame, and disappeared inside her home.


More than a Feeling by Erika Kelly is One of the Best Rock Star Romance I have Read. Cooper and Daisy will win your heart with their fantastic and beautiful love story.

I Really Enjoyed reading this amazingly written book and I Highly Recommend all the Readers to Pre-Order and read Erika Kelly's wonderful work.


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