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Blog Tour: Break My Fall by M. Mabie

Break My Fall by M. Mabie
Publication Date: August 28, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art
Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography

Model: Jamie Walker


"The first time I returned to Lancaster was for my brother's funeral.

The second time was for Myra"

For twelve years, I lived alone in my cabin, building a life with my two bare hands. I was free from

their rules, their policies, and their lies.

They are a cult.
My father is their leader.

To protect my brother's widow, I'm making her my wife. It's her only way out.
But drawn to the purity in her deep blue eyes and the innocence of her gentle voice, I wonder if I'm
not the biggest monster of them all. I have to save her from them and myself. Because every second

I spend with this timid woman, I fight the urge to claim her.

Own her.
Make her truly mine.
And I know it's wrong.

I will break her fall—if I don't break her first.

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A cloud of smoke followed the silver-haired woman out the door of the main building onto the
covered porch outside, and she shot the butt of her cigarette into the dirt in front of the semi.
“Your mother’s been trying to reach you.”
My phone had died two days earlier, and I’d forgotten to bring a charger. Mom was the only person
I still spoke with from Lancaster, but it was rare for her to call me, and I only reached out a few
times a year.
“Say what she wanted?” I asked and slid my hands into worn leather gloves.
“Honey, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your brother passed away last night.”
Ted Grier hung back in the doorway, watching. Both of their faces wore sympathy.

“Your brother passed, Abe. You should call her back. Come on in and use the phone.”
I hadn’t spoken to my brother in years, but when I left home with no plans to return, I just assumed
things would stay how I left them. They’d cling to their Bibles and bands and keep living in their
own warped version of reality. They’d stay tucked under the strict thumb of the Legacies and God,
or at least the way they interpreted him, and I’d live my life in the woods, free of their judgment and
Alone and how I liked it.
They lived how they wanted, and I did the same.
I squinted in the mid-day sun, and the tension in my neck pinched even tighter.
“Jacob died?”
Ted limped to the stoop, tapped a Camel from his pack and lit it. “Son, you wanna come inside for a
minute? Call your family?”
I did not. Calling them was the last thing I wanted.
It was almost noon, and I still had more than half day’s work to finish. The tobacco in the air was
thick as I pulled it into my chest. “I’ll call when I get home.”
It was supposed to rain for the next four days in the hills, and there was work that needed to be
done. Calling in the middle of the day wasn’t going to do anything but put me behind, and my
brother would still be dead that evening.

Meet The Author:

M. Mabie lives in Illinois with her husband. She writes everything from steamy romantic
comedies to angst-filled, pull your hair out drama. She enjoys it all. With her
unconventional love stories, she tries to embody "real-life romance".

She cares about politics, but will not discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every
meal, watches Wayne's world while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. She has
always been a writer. In fact, she was born with a pen in her hand, which almost never

happens. Almost.

M. Mabie usually doesn't speak in third-person. She promises.

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Samantha Young’s AS DUST DANCES – Release Day Launch


Once upon a time Skylar Finch was the lead singer of a hugely successful American pop-rock band. But fame made her miserable. When years of living a lie suddenly ended in tragedy, Skylar fell off the map.
Eighteen months later she’s sleeping in a tent in a cemetery in Glasgow, making just enough money to eat by busking on the streets. She manages to avoid recognition, but not the attention of one of Glasgow’s ambitious A&R executives.
Killian O’Dea works at Skyscraper Records, Scotland’s most successful record label. Raised by his uncle and owner of the label, Killian’s upbringing would have been devoid of affection entirely if it wasn’t for his loving sister. Killian is unflinchingly determined to bring the label more success than ever, and the young homeless woman who busks on Buchanan Street is going to help him do that. Her music speaks to him in a way he refuses to over-analyze. All he knows is that if it can touch his dark soul, it’ll set everyone else’s alight.
Skylar makes it clear that she doesn’t want to sign with him. But when she experiences the dangerous reality of a woman sleeping rough, Skylar has no one else but Killian to turn to. An undeniable connection forms between them. But Skylar doesn’t want the career Killian is trying to forge for her, and when her past comes back to haunt her Killian will be faced with a decision that could ruin him. He must either free Skylar from his selfish machinations and destroy everything he’s ever worked for, or lose a woman who has come to mean more to him than he ever thought possible…


When I finished, ODea was sitting on the chair, his elbows braced on his knees. He was staring at the floor, like he was lost in thought. Then he looked up at me and my breath caught at the million heartbreaking emotions roiling in his gaze.
And then they were gone, as if theyd never been there.
Thats all I have so far, I whispered, so confused by him. No more songs.
His expression was unreadable. Your visitors visa is about to run out.
Bewildered by the response, I could only nod.
Youve no money.
I tensed.
Youve run away from your identity, from your life in the band, in the US. Youve no family to speak of, and you abandoned your friends.
The man was the soul of sensitivity. “Your point?
My point is that you dont have many options. I think you were living in some naive fantasy that you could keep running from your problems and live a relatively peaceful life as a homeless person. Somehow, miraculously, you survived unscathed for five months. But last night you were given a giant fucking look at the reality and dangers of homelessness. I wish it hadnt happened that way, but there was never any other way it was going to end. And it has ended, am I right?
So, do you get, like, a bonus at the end of every day if you say a hundred patronizing things in a twenty-four-hour period or something?
He ignored me. “You cant go back to sleeping rough.
I think I got that, thanks. I waved my cast at him.
So  its either call your old manager, your band—
“Not an option,” I snapped.
O’Dea smirked. “Then I’m all you’ve got. And I’m no fucking Mother Teresa. I’m in the business of making money, Miss Finch. You’ve already proven you’re good at making it. And from what I heard today and have heard you playing when you busk, I think the world hasn’t even seen a fraction of what you can do.”
There was really nothing to do but glare and hope that he withered under it.
Ill let you stay here in this flat free of charge, give you a weekly stipend for clothes, groceries, a new guitar. You can heal up here. But all of it in exchange for a record contract. A one-album deal, thats all I ask. When youre healed up, youll be straight into the studio to record.
The thought made my stomach pitch. I dont want to be famous again.
Tough shit. There is no being famous again. You are famous. And youve got more talent in your pinkie finger than most do in their entire being. And that talent deserves more of a platform than standing on a street busking. Its a goddamned insult to all those people out there trying to make the big time. I dont care what it is youre running from. I care that you sort yourself out and make some music again. Music that matters. Music that will heal you.
I bristled. Ive made music that matters. Ive got the fan mail to prove it.
Your music in Tellurian did its job. It was catchy, appealing, and teenagers related. But your voice is meant for something else. The songs you just sang to me those are songs that will really make people feel. It’s vulnerable and brutally honest and that’s the stuff that resonates with people. People want songs that make them feel good, but they also just want songs that me them feel, even if it breaks their fucking heart. Youve been through a lot, Skylar. Even if I couldnt read a newspaper, Id know that by listening to those songs you sang.
“Two years ago, you were a leader on social media and the lead singer of a pop-rock band that teens and college freshman loved. Im not asking you to go back to that. Im asking you to become an artist in your own right. If you dont want the social media exposure, well have someone else run that stuff for you. And well do what we can to minimize the tabloid exposure. It will be hard at first considering your disappearance, but once it dies down, we can make it so youre not hounded. It is possible.
It doesnt matter whether they hound me or not. I hate the fame. I hate the touring. I hate it all.
No. His expression hardened. You dont…”


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About Samantha Young:

Samantha Young is the New York Times,  USA Today  and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including the On Dublin Street series and Hero, as well as the New Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows.  Every Little Thing, the second book in her new Hart’s Boardwalk series, will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including the amazon bestselling Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us will be published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook& hardback June 2017
Samantha has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for On Dublin Street, Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica Lane, and Best Romance 2015 for HeroOn Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before Jamaica Lane the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015.
Samantha is currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling author.

Jay Crownover's RESPECT - Excerpt Tour

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jay Crownover, comes the next title in her The Breaking Point romantic suspense series, RESPECT. Don’t miss the amazing tour below, and grab your copy today!


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who called a corrupt kingdom home sweet home.  

Protected and sheltered from the worst the world had to offer, she fell in love with the crumbling city that burned and blazed around her. Every dirty corner, every scary shadow, found a place within her heart. So did a man who was violent and dangerous, just like the streets she claimed as her own.  

He was all business and brutality, except when it came to her. With her, he was calm, caring, and heartbreakingly patient.

He warned her over and over that he wasn't the man for her, but she refused to listen. She never expected either the streets or their enforcer to hurt her, since she'd given her heart so completely to both.

She should have known the streets in the Point were always going to be savage, and so was the man committed to keeping control of them in the hands of criminals and bloody kingpins.  

Blindsided by a betrayal which cut so deeply she was sure the wounds would never heal, the princess fled the home she loved and the man who broke her heart. Throwing away her rusted, twisted crown was supposed to help her forget. All it did was make her long for everything she left behind.  She told herself she would never go back, but in this tormented kingdom, family is everything. Eventually, she has no choice but to return.  

While she was gone, the people who loved her worked hard to make the city safe, and the man who destroyed her sank deeper into the darkness. Going back shouldn't feel like surrender... but it does. As this pretty princess hovers on the edge of the unknown, the past attacks with a vengeance. It's a good reminder that puppy love eventually grows up and turns into something with sharp teeth and one hell of a bite.    

She never asked for the keys to the kingdom. She'd much rather go out and build her own.

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And don’t miss the first titles in The Breaking Point series, HONOR and DIGNITY! Grab your copy today!

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Today I was finally old enough to have him.
Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.
It wasn’t uncommon for me to bop down to Booker’s place. He even left the door unlocked most days so
I could get in. We lived in a fortress that had more eyes in the sky than a casino in Vegas, so he didn’t
need to worry about simple things like locked doors. My crush on the behemoth of a man was pretty
much common knowledge all around. Booker tended to treat me like I was an annoying kid sister. But
there were times, when no one else was around, I could tell he was looking at me differently. He was
hard to read, something that kept you alive in these parts. But I spent so much time watching him, I
could see what no one else could. Those steely eyes softened, melted into a soft dove gray when he
looked at me while no one else was paying any attention.
I glanced up at the camera that I knew was tracking my every move. I gave a little wave to whomever
was monitoring the feed tonight. Race’s security guys were a part of my everyday life. Where I went,
they followed. It was sort of like having an army of overprotective big brothers. Annoying yet necessary.
It was a good thing I was obsessed with Booker. Having eyes only for him over the last few years meant I
didn’t bring boys home to meet the family. I was pretty sure trying to date a guy my own age would
have been impossible with those eagle-eyed brutes hanging around.
The butterflies in my stomach started sword fighting the closer I got to Booker’s door. I spent a lot of
time making goo-goo eyes at the giant man and aimlessly trying to make conversation with him. He was
too cold and reserved to attempt any harmless flirting, and I was always very aware of the line in the
sand where Booker was concerned. He tolerated my infatuation and presence, but he always made it
clear he was humoring me. He was the one who often reminded me there was a big, wide world out
there, ripe for the picking. He told me I should never settle. However, when I tried to explain the only
thing I was dying to experience was him, he diverted the conversation and pointedly told me that I was
way too young for him. He also believed I was way too nice. He didn’t talk about his past, or his time in
prison, but I had a feeling that wherever Noah Booker had been before made the Point look like Sesame
When I was in front of the door, I took a second to make sure my white-blonde hair was smooth and
sleek. I ran my tongue over the front of my teeth to make sure none of the plum-colored lip gloss was
stuck to the surface. I wiped my hands down the front of my black skinny jeans, the ones that made my
admittedly long legs look even longer and took a deep breath. It was now or never.
Today was the day.

About Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the international and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, the Point Series, the Breaking Point Series, and the Getaway Series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.

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