Thursday, 15 December 2016

Liliana Hart's SWEET SURRENDER - Excerpt Tour


“I am not getting trapped in this one-horse town,” she said, almost convincing herself. “I’m

selling. And that’s final. Fifty years of batter and frosting is long enough. I’ve got a life to live,

and cake making for cowboys ain’t it.”

She nudged the boxes with the toe of her boot and then sighed as she got out of the chair

and knelt to scoop them up. When she stood back up, her gaze locked on the handsome sight

walking in her direction, and her lips quirked in a smile.

Cooper MacKenzie was nothing to sneeze at, but those MacKenzie boys had been all

trouble and sex appeal when she’d visited during the summers of her youth. Her great aunt had

warned her often to stay away from them, and she had, for the most part, but she’d have been

lying if she’d said she hadn’t sneaked a peek with longing every once in a while.

But the wildness must’ve calmed over the years because Cooper was very happily married

and proud to show it, though he was still something to look at—that thick black hair and those

cobalt blue eyes—the body he obviously kept in shape and the tattoos that covered his arms.

But it was the man who walked beside him that was worth a second look in her book. He

moved with an ease that told her he was very comfortable in his own skin. His shoulders were

broad, and even through the layers of his work shirt and coat she could tell that he was in good

shape—excellent shape, actually. His light brown hair was unruly and on the longish side and

the scruff on his face let her know he hadn’t seen a razor in a couple of days.

“Well, hello, cowboy,” she purred.

It’s been twelve years since Liza Carmichael stepped foot in Surrender, but after her great aunt’s death she has no choice but to return and settle her estate. Which includes the corner bakery that’s been a staple in Surrender for more than fifty years.
After twenty-five years on the job, Lieutenant Grant Boone finds himself at loose ends now that he’s retired. He’s gotten a number of job offers—one from MacKenzie Security—but he’s burned out and jaded, and the last thing he wants to do is carry the burden of another badge and weapon. He almost turns down the invitation from his good friend Cooper MacKenzie to stay as their guest for a few weeks while he’s deciding what to do with the rest of his life. But he packs his bag and heads to Surrender anyway.
The only thing Boone knows is that his future plans don’t include Liza Carmichael. She’s bossy, temperamental, and the confections she bakes are sweet enough to tempt a saint. Thank God he’s never pretended to be one. But after he gets one taste of Liza and things start heating up in the kitchen, he realizes how delicious new beginnings can be.


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